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Mediation To Resolve Your Dispute

Last updated on February 10, 2023

The traditional view of the law is two lawyers battling it out in the courtroom for their clients. While litigation has its place and is sometimes the only way to resolve difficult legal issues, mediation is an increasingly popular option, especially for family law disputes.

One reason is that litigation is time-consuming; you are at the mercy of the court calendars, which are always busy. Second, most disputes settle before a judge or jury decides the issue. This is because of the risk. When you take a case to court, you give the decision-making authority to the court. You then must live with that decision

Why Not Make Resolution Your Goal?

With mediation you retain the control in your hands, and since most matters will settle, why not make that your goal and save a great deal of stress and expense?

At the law firm of Holt, Longest, Wall & Moseley, P.L.L.C., our attorneys bring more than 140 years of combined practice experience. We have seen hundreds of cases play out and we know when to recommend an alternative dispute resolution. Attorney W. Phillip Moseley, is a certified family law mediator who has seen first-hand how this process can benefit many clients.

Is This Process Right For You?

The benefits of mediation are that it provides a structured, nonadversarial setting designed to help parties reach an agreement on their terms. This can be particularly important during divorce proceedings, especially when children are involved, as it can help resolve matters with a minimum of conflict. Mediation can also be used to resolve a wide range of civil legal disputes.

In some cases, the nature of the dispute or the personalities at the heart of the conflict may require a traditional courtroom proceeding to reach a resolution. Even if you agree to mediation but fail to resolve the dispute, your right to have a trial will still be preserved.

Helping People Successfully Resolve Disputes

To learn more about mediation and whether this might be an option for your dispute, call our law office in Burlington, North Carolina, at 336-793-3773. You may also contact us online.