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North Carolina Mediation Attorneys Minimizing Stress and Aggravation

Helping families resolve their legal disputes amicably

The attorneys at Holt, Longest, Wall, Blaetz & Moseley are skilled negotiators who can help you obtain the best possible settlements while preserving amiable relationships. Mediation gives you control over the process and can often provide more expedient, predictable results than going to trial.

The goals of custody and visitation dispute mediation are centered in the reduction of the stress and anxiety experienced by children in separation and divorce, by furnishing an alternative way for the parties to settle custody and visitation disputes.  A trained mediator helps the parties reorganize the family, continue parenting their children despite separation, and begins an educational process which will allow parties to recognize and meet the needs of their children.  Mediation provides a structured, confidential, non-adversarial setting which will help the parties make informed choices about matters involving their children, with the hope that such cooperative resolution will alleviate the acrimony between the parties, reducing attendant stress on both the parties and the child.  A successful mediation will help the parties put a parenting plan in writing, will teach them to solve future problems without recourse to the courts, and thus reduce the stress of relitigation of custody and visitation disputes.

Sometimes the complexity of cases and the personalities of the parents are better served with a more formal mediation, where parents and their respective attorneys retain a private mediator.  Again, if mediation is unsuccessful, the parties still preserve the right to a trial, before a District Court Judge.

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